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Yay piano.

2010-07-25 07:25:01 by SolusLunes

Getting better at learning it. I can now (most of the time) play the right hand for Hishoku No Sora (relatively well.) You'd think the left hand would be easier since I'm left handed, well, yes and no.

Yes if I'm only playing the left hand.

No if I'm doing both.

Because if I'm doing both there will be a hand going HURF DURF WHAT DO I DO HERE

All I need to do is get my body used to using both hands at once (like it is for typing.)

It's only a matter of time.

/* */
(No, that's not me. It's more illustrative so you know what the song I'm talking about is.)

I'll be posting a lot less right now because I'm collecting my music for a supah secret musicsplosion of awesome.

So yeah.

Less music to come.


Looking for an artist to do mah bidding

2010-03-02 10:24:34 by SolusLunes

Or more accurately, draw/color/finish and make shiny yay happy good looking pictures that are of a decent enough size that they'll look good when I blow them up to the size of a poster for my own personal enjoyment.

Be aware, you're not making anything for a flash, not making anything that I'll be spreading around the web massively (I think), and (hopefully) not making stuff that's shit.

I'd like to be a little vague on the details of each picture in the blogpost- I'd prefer to talk to the artist about that through MSN/AIM/(but preferably Skype, voice communication is so much nicer.)

aim: DeepEleven
skype: soluslunes

A basic overview of what I need is such:
1. Good quality! And by good quality I mean that it has to be of such a size that when I blow it up to something like 6' by 3' or whatever poster size the cool kids are using these days.
2. It'll be three pictures in total, one of one character, one of another, and one of the two of them. Action shots are NOT necessary, but if you can/want to do that sort of thing, I can deal :D
3. There will also be background for each picture. Doesn't have to be massively complicated and detailed, just needs to look nice.
4. It all needs to be colored! The vision I have is heavily dependent on color.
5. You have to be competent at drawing people. The style isn't as important to me. You can do realistic, anime style, whatever.
6. It'll be close to a cyberpunk sort of "theme". I hope you can draw technology :D
7. Not everything has to be drawn! I don't care what you do, as long as the finished product looks good :D
8. You have to take Paypal. I have a budget of about $50 per picture, so I'm hoping to commission someone to do this for 100-150 bucks.
9. All I need is the high-resolution image! Whatever fileformat you recommend to not deal with compression would be preferred. You're the expert in that sort of thing, I'd imagine you know your way around filetypes by now.
10. LOL
11. If you use Photoshop or whatever, I want a copy of the original .psd! That'd be awesome!
12. And if you're feeling REALLY nice, take a video of yourself drawing/whatevering it! You don't have to do the editing and speeding it up to make it coherent and viewable- I'm perfectly capable of editing that myself. And you can take full credit for the video and do whatever the hell you want with it.
13. (also I'll make a song about you if you want.)
14. Timeframe: When it's done. I want it to look good, and you can't rush quality.

Any questions?

Writer's Block?

2010-01-26 08:57:58 by SolusLunes

Mmm, no, not quite.

I have been making a decent bit of music, just nothing that measures up to my standards.

But that's good!

Because I've been trying new things.

New as in hardcore awesome DnB.

Not particularly the best stuff at this point, so I'll keep it to myself until it does become awesome.

In the meantime, why not enjoy something that I already know I'm good at?

Hopefully you'll see more from me soon. And it'll be good. :D

Holy shit.

2009-10-31 06:50:08 by SolusLunes

100 songs? OMG.

wtf bbq sauc. /284557

Might be a little disturbing...

2009-10-13 18:38:54 by SolusLunes

(edit: For some people, part 4 and 6 of the .rar file weren't working, so I have re-uploaded them. If one of these people was you, check out the new downloads. :D)

Got eight minutes? I'm sure of it.

/* */
Now, after you've watched that...

Got five hours for a playthrough? Because this next one is a life-changing experience.

Don't judge too quickly on the link names, or the obvious overtones of what it is- you'll thank me for this, you will. 29abbc6e50a47ab1eab3e9fa335ca6071d09da 692f98e

Go to that folder. Download the six parts of the rar file. (might not be done immediately after this post, they're currently still uploading, but I wanted to get this done before I left for work.)
(edit: they're done now)

...what? What kind of title is that?

You might be thinking to yourself, "Holy jesus Solus linked me to one o' them hentai games."

Yes, I did.

Yes, it's 100% NSFW.

Yes, it's still a life-changing experience.

Still doubt me? es/view/issues/issue_108/1315-Heart-wr enching-Hentai

I'm serious.

Play it.

I goddamn cried at the game.

There's six endings, and sure, you can go onto gamefaqs and find the "best" ending...

but for your sake, I hope you don't do that for at least one playthrough.

This all may be a little too weird for you... but have faith in Solus, I've never steered you wrong.

"Today I saw the ocean. I'm not afraid anymore."

100th song

2009-10-12 16:10:27 by SolusLunes

I've just uploaded #97.

And right now I have no idea what I'm going to do for #100.

Maybe I'll find someone to collab with, I think I have someone in mind... now let's see if he's stalkerish enough to check out this newspost :D


2009-07-29 13:51:41 by SolusLunes

To Japan.

I'll let you know how that goes.


2009-06-29 17:45:12 by SolusLunes


/* */

My Brute

2009-05-25 19:53:11 by SolusLunes

You will challenge her.