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Entry #44

Yay piano.

2010-07-25 07:25:01 by SolusLunes

Getting better at learning it. I can now (most of the time) play the right hand for Hishoku No Sora (relatively well.) You'd think the left hand would be easier since I'm left handed, well, yes and no.

Yes if I'm only playing the left hand.

No if I'm doing both.

Because if I'm doing both there will be a hand going HURF DURF WHAT DO I DO HERE

All I need to do is get my body used to using both hands at once (like it is for typing.)

It's only a matter of time.

/* */
(No, that's not me. It's more illustrative so you know what the song I'm talking about is.)


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2010-08-11 17:34:28

cool story, sis! one question: in ur telnet lullaby there is a verrry deep baseline. sounds cool, but its hardly to deep for my sub. is this on purpose or a bug?

SolusLunes responds:

Totally on purpose. I wanted it to be almost inaudible. :D


2010-08-13 03:53:14

Yea getting your hand to play something at the same time is the hard part. It happens to me with drums and piano.

SolusLunes responds:

Normally surprisingly it's my left hand going HURF DURF WHAT DO I DO HERE


2010-08-27 15:43:15

Pro tip: Get ambidexterity training guides.

SolusLunes responds:

For the most part, I am ambidextrous. Making progress though. :D


2010-09-28 23:39:05

I haven't left a comment on any of your stuff in a while so I thought I would put on here

SolusLunes responds:



2010-11-20 20:16:51

Disco jesus.

SolusLunes responds:

Disco awesomeness.


2010-12-19 18:02:38

Haha I was going to say you have man arms :P

When did you start learning?

SolusLunes responds:

About six-eight months ago. I'm pretty new at it.


2011-01-07 07:55:05

hi, i cant make second comment on audio,

this is what i watched: Shingetsutan tsukihime
(has very nice soundtrack too)

do have more tips, i´m so not into far-eastern stuff =)


2011-02-18 12:33:30

being left-handed isnt so hard asmuch as it is easy...but we get to be the creative ones while the right-handed people wach and listen...........i cant use 2 hands to save my life...soo


2011-08-17 10:37:57

It's odd, if you've been playing piano for a LOOOOONG period of time, like since the toddler years, it can affect your hand preference. Although I was born a right-hander, I now instinctively do a lot of things with my left hand now. For example, I can't use a computer mouse with my right hand to save my life. It's gotta be in my left hand.


2015-01-07 07:01:37

So what happened to this person? I remember the first time I listened to the one of the SolusLunes audio (Solus- Crystalline) it left the good old nostalgia in me when ever i come back to check it out again, but what is missing that the image on the main profile where someone used to be there, that picture was worth a 1000 words.

SolusLunes responds:

Fucked if I know! It disappeared during a redesign.