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McBurger Awards 1, and News posting?

Posted by SolusLunes - November 28th, 2007

There apparently is a new news posting requirement thing.

I have no idea whether or not I have post-ability, so let's test this out...

with the first weekly Burger Awards. (For those of you not in the know, it is quite possibly the most famous of all audio rating systems. Any AF regular knows them intimately, and in fact, Rucklo and LJ stole the damn idea from me to make their MACs. Assholes.)

This week will be mostly Burgers highlighted from the past, and after this it will be a weekly list of 5-10 songs I found that week that I like.

McGodlyBurgers (Best of the best, you'll rarely ever see these on a weekly basis. Probably monthly for most frequent. Quality. Nothing less.)

MaestroRage - Precious Seconds

McPerfectBurgers (Immense quality, just missing that little McGodly spark.)

Setu-Firestorm - Make It Rain
cornandbeans - Frozen
B0UNC3 - Paradise on E

McAwesomeBurgers (Worth a five. Also quality, though it may not be the greatest thing ever, it's solid. Also, this was the original award. Which is why Metalcan's Desert Rose only recieved a McAwesome, while now it would seriously be considered McGodly.)

Curriemaster - Septicaemia isn't all bad
Heat-Flare - Frozen Forest
Flashburn - Tranceform

And finally, the lowest of the burgers, the McGreatBurger. While many strive for burgers, many fail, and some will achieve a McGreatBurger.

It is the first step to Burger Perfection- and an award that should be treasured.

I won't list any this week, they're far too numerous, and all of the others are mere samples of what has acheived a burger.

Just know, that all of these are rated subjectively by solely one person- me- and that in the scheme of things, it doesn't mean jack crap.

And feel free to PM me any songs you think that should be considered for McBurgerness. However, if you send me horrible songs, I will murder you. No question.

So. Until next week, then. Enjoy your burgers.



You probably have one already. I just gave a small sample for this week. :p

Meh, you're going to have to be specific with what song you want me to check out, fagwhore! :D


thdis ith THOOOOO gud.


Billions satisfied in the same way your sister was. :D

AwesomeMcNugget ;)

Lol, McNugget awards for loops?

Hmm... Idea. :D

#10. <3 the comeback of the Mac-burger

Get your info straight tho, the MAC contests (2x contest lolol) initially had nothing to do with the actual Mc-burger award. but since the short term for the contest became MAC, I found it amusing to request Metalcan to make the first ever "winners sig-pic" a burger.
dats teh story, yo.

Oh, I know the story, I just like being an asshole.

Rule 10, bitch. :D

You're provided me with some burgers back in da day. I think I had 2 MCAwesum burgers. Can't rember shit though. XD

I'm sure I have :D


Oh yeah! Burgers!!!

Burgers. Yes. :D

but I ordered fries...

Rig should get a McMuffin for his yummy muffin.

Also, what are the toys that come with the kids meal? (please say transformers, please say transformers, please say transformers...)

Heh. McMuffin.

And my bad on the fries, you'll get yours, and here's a coupon for a free drink next time.

Yes, we have toys. No, they're not Transformers. They're better. We have Jihad Joes.